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Digital Detective Group maintains its right to protect its intellectual property by using modern advances in software protection against un-authorised use and software piracy.  The method of protection currently used by Digital Detective Group is a two part system based on both hardware and software components.  These components are bound together by Digital Detective Group and assigned to Customers at the time of purchase as the means to activate the software products purchased.

Lost or Stolen Dongle

Lost or stolen Dongles are deferred to the Customer as the loss of the software products purchased and licensed to Customer.  Digital Detective Group shall have no responsibility or obligation in the replacement of the Dongle or the software products licensed for use.  Therefore, the Customer assumes the full loss of the software products.  In such circumstances, a full Dongle licence will have to be purchased.  In the event of a lost or stolen Dongle, the Customer shall contact Digital Detective Group without undue delay to notify Digital Detective Group that the Dongle in no longer in its possession.


Digital Detective Group recommends that all Customers add the software products purchased as an insurable item on their business insurance policies.

This Policy is subject to change without notice.