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From time to time, it may be necessary to obtain the licence information from your USB dongle. For example, you will need this information for requesting technical support, purchasing a licence upgrade or checking when your SMS expires. For licence upgrades, we will need the dongle's electronic ID and (etched or barcoded) serial number.

Licence Key Files

 If you have a Licence Key File, please use the Help » About procedure as outline below. The Licence ID is displayed in the About window.

Licence Information

There are a couple of places to obtain licence information:

  • From the Help About window in our software, select Help » About
  • From the Digital Detective Licence Manager software

Help About Window

This window displays information about the software and the licence. Under the Licence Dongle section, you will find the dongle ID, Serial Number and SMS Expiration Date.


Licence Manager

The licence manager can also display information relating to all of the licences stored on a single USB dongle. To download the licence manager, please visit the following page and select the download link: Updating your USB Dongle. Run the Licence Manager software and insert the USB dongle. When the dongle is detected, you will see a window which should be similar to the following. 


To save your licence information, click on the Save Details button. This will allow you to save the licence information to a text file. This file will contain information relating to your licences, as well as the dongle ID and Serial Number.

Serial Number

You can also find the serial number of the dongle without using any software. Each of our dongles will have either an etched serial number on the USB metal insert, or a number with a barcode. Type I (older) dongles will have the etched number (shown in the top picture below). Type II dongles will have the barcode serial number (shown in the bottom picture below).