Sample Data

To assist you in getting to know the NetAnalysis® user interface, and to practice using the software in a safe learning environment, we have provided some sample data.  Working through the examples will help you get up to speed with using our software effectively within a forensic environment.

To access and download the sample data, please visit:

Case Scenario

On 19th October 2011, Victor BUSHELL, a resident of the United Kingdom, was arrested by HM Revenue and Customs at the Port of Dover in Kent whilst attempting to leave the country, bound for France.  He had in his possession a forged passport, a laptop computer and €20,000.  It is believed BUSHELL is involved in the importation of illegal weapons into the United Kingdom.

His laptop has been imaged and is currently being examined.  You have been tasked with reviewing his Internet browsing data.  Everything you need for this case is available in the sample ZIP archive.  It has been established that the laptop computer was running Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit).  The suspect was using Microsoft Internet Explorer as a web browser.



This file contains the relevant exported files from the laptop computer.  Contained within this zip archive, you will find files belonging to Internet Explorer, as well as registry hives.

This file contains an EnCase® E01 evidence file of the seized laptop.  The volume was formatted, prior to imaging, to demonstrate the data recovery capabilities of HstEx®.

Table 1