Intelli-Carve® - An Intelligent Carving Technology for Data Recovery and Validation

In today's world, data is an integral part of our lives. From personal photos to important business documents, we store a vast amount of data on our electronic devices. Unfortunately, data loss can happen due to a variety of reasons such as hardware failure, accidental deletion, or even cyberattacks. To address this issue, Digital Detective has developed Intelli-Carve®, an intelligent carving technology that can recover and validate data from various sources.

Intelli-Carve® is a powerful data recovery and validation engine that can verify data structures during the recovery process. The technology is utilised in two of Digital Detective's products: Blade® and HstEx®. The engine's capability of detecting errors and repairing corruption makes it an essential tool for data recovery professionals.

Key Data Recovery Features

One of the key features of Intelli-Carve® is its ability to recover data from unstructured data sources accurately. This is achieved by identifying the internal structures of the data, allowing recovered files to be categorised. For example, the engine can identify SQLite databases by their table structures and Open XML documents, making the data recovery and review process much more efficient.

Intelli-Carve® has an extensive knowledge of file formats, which enables it to verify data integrity during the recovery process. This means that it does not need the file system structures to be present, allowing it to recover data from unpartitioned or formatted volumes. This makes it possible to recover data even if the file system has been damaged or is inaccessible.

Another significant advantage of Intelli-Carve® is its ability to reassemble files from orphaned NTFS MFT resident data. This means that even if the file has been partially overwritten or deleted, the engine can recover the remaining fragments of the file and reassemble them into a usable format.

Overall, Intelli-Carve® is an intelligent carving technology that has revolutionised the data recovery and validation process. Its powerful technology allows for more accurate recovery of data from unstructured data sources and makes the data recovery process much more efficient. Whether it's for personal or business use, Intelli-Carve® can help recover lost data and ensure its integrity.