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HstEx® Session Database (*.hx4s)

When you create and save a recovery session in HstEx®, a session database file is created with an *.hx4s extension. As recovery jobs are added to the session, they will be saved to this database. At a later date, the session database can be re-opened in HstEx® and re-run if required. The session database will also remember the state of each job, so if a session is cancelled before it has been completed, HstEx® can continue processing each outstanding job. The image below shows a folder containing a number of session databases.

HstEx® Recovery File (*.hstx)

The HstEx® recovery file contains recovered data from a HstEx® recovery job. The file is in a proprietary encrypted binary format which can only be read by NetAnalysis®. The recovery files are written to the export folder for that job. The export folder is set when the recovery job is created in HstEx®. The image below shows an export folder containing multiple recovery files.

Importing HstEx® Recovery Files

To import the recovered data from a HstEx® recovery session, start a new case in NetAnalysis® and select "Import » Data from Folder" from the toolbar drop down button. Select the folder containing the *.hstx files. Selecting all of the files from "Import » Data from Files" works in exactly the same way (except you must select all *.hstx files). You can also select Import from the File menu.

Further Information

The following links will take you to the Quick Start Guides for NetAnalysis® and HstEx®.