The USB dongle licence is a small hardware device that plugs into a USB port on a host computer to provide licence information to our software.



Software licences stored on USB hardware offer a more flexible licence solution than licence key files.  Our current EULA prohibits the use of a single licence key file on multiple workstations (we will be introducing hardware locked licence keys shortly).  Each licence can only be installed on one system at any one time.  With the USB dongle, you are permitted to install as many copies of our software as required and activate one instance of the software by running it with the USB dongle inserted (multiple instances on a single workstation are permitted).  The dongle must be inserted whilst the software is being used.

Advantages of USB Dongle Licence


USB Dongle Upgrade Options

We are now offering a USB Dongle licence option for the following versions of our software:

Please note that Blade Standard / Professional can only be purchased with a USB licence dongle.  With NetAnalysis, you have the option to purchase with either a licence key file or a USB licence dongle.  If you are an existing customer with a licence key file and wish to purchase a USB dongle upgrade, this can be done via our online store.  The price of the upgrade will vary depending on the age of the licence key file.  If your licence key file was purchased prior to 1st January 2007, you will need to purchase the USB dongle option with licence maintenance.  If you already own one of our USB dongles and wish to have additional licences added to the device, please contact us via our support portal for further information.