please use Licence Manager v2 and update your dongle via the licence server. Please see: Updating your USB Dongle



Our USB Dongles can be remotely updated and have the capability of storing licence information for numerous products and modules.  To update your Dongle, you will need three things:



To upgrade your dongle, we will email you with the latest download link for our Licence Manager as well as a Dongle Update File.  This file can only be used once and will only upgrade the Dongle it has been generated for.  Each Dongle is uniquely identified by an electronic ID number (Dongle ID) which is hard coded into the device (cannot be changed) and a serial number which is etched onto the outside of the metal contacts.

Licence Manager Software

The Licence Manager (Figure 2) can be used to review the licence information stored in the Dongle and allows you to copy this information to the clipboard.  The software can also update the Dongle with a valid Dongle Update File (*.DDUpd).  The Dongle update file will be emailed to you as and when required (e.g. when additional modules or products are purchased). 
Figure 2
Once you have installed the software, please follow the instructions below to update the Dongle.

Procedure for Updating a USB Dongle


When the Dongle Update File is loaded and the Dongle is in the process of being updated, it is extremely important that the Dongle is not removed from your system (or the system powered down) as this could result in the hardware being damaged.


To update the dongle, please follow the following instructions:
  1. Run the Licence Manager software
  2. Insert the USB Dongle you wish to update
  3. Click on the USB Dongle ID in the Installed Licences list
  4. Make sure you have a corresponding update file (e.g. 0x8FF9F98C.DDUpd)
  5. Click on Update Dongle and select the Update File (as shown in Figure 3)


Figure 3


When you select the appropriate update file, you will see a warning message (Figure 4) asking you if you wish to continue and update the Dongle.  Click Yes if you wish to apply the update to your dongle


Figure 4


The Licence Manager will then update the licence information in the dongle and will display a message to show this has been successfully completed.  Once the message has been displayed to say the update was successful, the Licence Manager will reload the Dongle and display the new licence information.

You may now close the Licence Manager and remove the USB Dongle if you wish.

The update process should take no longer than 5 seconds.