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As new technology emerges and research identifies new sources of evidence, it is extremely important in the field of digital forensics to keep pace with the dynamic nature of electronic evidence.  The current releases of NetAnalysis (v1.5x) and HstEx (v3x) are the result of over 2 years intensive research and development and are major updates from the previous versions.  All of the extraction and analysis engines have been re-written from scratch to take into account this new research, and as a result, we are now extracting data which no other currently available tools can extract.

We have added a whole host of new features to NetAnalysis v1.5x as well as improvements to the user interface to make it easier to understand the evidence.Web page rebuilding and cache extraction has been completely re-written in addition to new enhanced forensic auditing.  HstEx v3x has been updated considerably.  It now has support for direct extraction from EnCase evidence files (as well as other new evidence sources) so you no longer have to mount your image to process it.  It is up to 300% faster than HstEx v2 and has support for new browsers.  The output file structure has been re-written to make it more efficient and now contains data to allow NetAnalysis to pin-point the exact physical location of evidence on the source hard disk.  We are proud of the fact that all our code is developed 100% in-house.  We don't outsource our software development like some forensic companies do.

Digital Detective is committed to ensuring that our software products deliver superior speed, stability, forensic accuracy and cutting edge features for the preservation, extraction, analysis and presentation of digital evidence.  Maintaining, developing and supporting a forensic software product is extremely expensive in terms of time, personnel and resources.  NetAnalysis v1 was released in 2002 and for over 9 years customers have had access to software updates, continued development and technical support.

Licences Purchased Before 1st January 2007

To allow us to continue the development and support of the product, it has become necessary to charge a small one-off maintenance fee for customers who have licences which were purchased prior to January 1st 2007.  This one-off fee will bring your licence up to date and you will be eligible for a discount when NetAnalysis v2 and HstEx v4 become available.

Licences Purchased After 1st January 2007

If your licence key was purchased after January 1st 2007, you will not need to pay an update fee.  Simply install the latest versions and use the Licence Key Management Utility to load your licence.  Alternatively, you may wish to upgrade your licence to a USB version.

Establishing When a Licence Was Purchased

Please see the following article for details on how to establish when your licence was purchased:

Please copy the text presented in the information pane as you will need this to update a licence.


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