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HstEx® v4.7
Release Date: 2017-10-16
Build: 4.7.17289.1
File: HstEx-x86-EN-4.7.17289.1.exe   Length: 14.8 MB
MD5:  6c-98-ef-2f-00-23-56-ad-25-13-85-d6-4b-a6-66-95

Download Information

Please note, existing customers can download this version through the links that were provided on purchase (not the evaluation links). If you wish to request an evaluation version, please do so here:  Request Evaluation Version


This release of HstEx® adds support for a number of new browsers and resolves a number of recovery issues.

New Features

  • [HST-517] - Support for recovering Firefox » formhistory.sqlite » moz_formhistory
  • [HST-590] - Support for Microsoft Edge Top Sites
  • [HST-645] - Support for Microsoft Edge v40
  • [HST-649] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v54
  • [HST-650] - Support for Vivaldi v1.10    
  • [HST-652] - Support for Opera v46
  • [HST-653] - Support for SRWare Iron v59
  • [HST-654] - Support for Yandex v17.6 (v58)
  • [HST-658] - Support for recovering Firefox places.sqlite » moz_bookmarks
  • [HST-661] - Support for Google Chrome v60
  • [HST-662] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v55
  • [HST-663] - Support for Yandex v17.7 (v59)
  • [HST-664] - Support for Pale Moon v27.4
  • [HST-665] - Support for K-Meleon v76    
  • [HST-666] - Support for Brave Browser v0.18
  • [HST-667] - Support for SeaMonkey v2.46
  • [HST-668] - Support for SeaMonkey v2.48
  • [HST-669] - Support for Comodo IceDragon v52
  • [HST-670] - Support for Edge v40 Reading List
  • [HST-672] - Support for Vivaldi v1.11
  • [HST-673] - Support for Comodo Dragon v58
  • [HST-674] - Support for Opera v47
  • [HST-675] - Support for SRWare Iron v60
  • [HST-676] - Support for Yandex v17 on Chromium based Simple Cache
  • [HST-679] - Support for UC Browser v7
  • [HST-680] - Support for Google Chrome v61
  • [HST-687] - Support for Opera v48
  • [HST-688] - Support for Mozilla Firefox v56
  • [HST-689] - Support for recovering Firefox v56 places.sqlite » moz_places
  • [HST-690] - Support for Vivaldi v1.12
  • [HST-692] - Support for SRWare Iron v61
  • [HST-693] - Support for GNU IceCat
  • [HST-694] - Support for Waterfox
  • [HST-695] - Support for Cyberfox


  • [HST-651] - Brave browser not added to UI Recovery Module list in correct location

Resolved Issues

  • [HST-630] - Edge Reading List recovery, strange characters in URLs
  • [HST-657] - Byte array for GUID must be exactly 16 bytes long
  • [HST-677] - Empty/Invalid URL in recovered Chromium v2 cache records
  • [HST-678] - Incorrect recovery count for Tab Session and Recovery Stores
  • [HST-681] - Issue recovering Apple Safari v8-10 (History Items)
  • [HST-684] - Issue recovering Microsoft ESE Database Based records
  • [HST-685] - Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow during extraction from image
  • [HST-686] - Invalid URL in recovered Mozilla v2 cache records
  • [HST-691] - Hanging during recovery of compound binary files with corrupt FAT
  • [HST-696] - Recovered count set to zero when cancelled during extraction
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