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This release of HstEx® adds support for another two browsers, namely AVG Secure Browser and Min Browser. We have also added support for twentythirty-eight new versions of other browsers, as well as enhancing our support for Apple Safari.


AVG Secure Browser is a web browser with built-in security and privacy features designed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast. It claims to be a fast, secure browser with built-in adblock, anti-phishing, safer online banking, password manager and a host of other security focused features.

We have added support to HstEx® for the recovery of the following AVG Secure Browser artefacts:

Min Browser

Min Browser is an open-source web browser which has been designed with a minimalist outlook. The tabs in Min take up less space as they are combined with the search bar into one row. Another interesting feature is the ability to organise tabs into Tasks, this is similar to the Tab Groups feature in Firefox. It also has a Focus Mode which hides the other tabs with an aim to prevent distractions.

We have also added support for the recovery of the following Min Browser artefacts:


Apple Safari

We have added seven new data types to our Apple Safari recovery profile. This version of HstEx® allows the recovery of Recently Closed Tab files, Last Session files, Bookmarks files, Reading List files, Search Descriptions files, User Notification Permissions files and Remote Notifications Permissions files.