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Apple Safari bookmarks are stored in the Bookmarks.plist file. On Mac OS X, Safari also stores the user Reading List entries in this file whereas under Windows, these were stored in a separate ReadingList.plist file. When Reading List entries are extracted, any preview text is copied to the export folder. We support importing data from from both Bookmarks.plist and ReadingList.plist files.

Opera Presto stored its bookmarks in a Hotlist format file. This format was also used to store Opera notes. NetAnalysis can now extract bookmarks for Opera v3-12 and notes for Opera v7-12.

Opera v15-16 stored its bookmarks in a bookmarks.db database. Opera v15 -16 stored its bookmarks in a bookmarks.db database.  Opera v17+ then reverted to using the Chromium based file format.  Opera added their own extra structure on top of the Chromium format from Opera v25+. NetAnalysis now supports all of these format variations. Any bookmark web page preview image files are also extracted to the export folder. These previews can be displayed using the Viewer panel.

The Netscape HTML file format is still widely used as a data exchange format between by the current Browsers.  The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari allow the user to import and export bookmarks in this format; while Opera allows the user to import Netscape HTML format bookmarks. Any Netscape HTML file format bookmark favicons are therefore copied to the export folder under folder name "Unidentified Browser".