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All the software products published by Digital Detective have been digitally signed. This ensures that when you use our software, you can verify that it has not been tampered with and is a product developed and released by Digital Detective Group.  The following Knowledge Base article explains this further and shows you how to verify the integrity of forensic grade software:

Running Setup

Now that you have verified the integrity of the setup file (all the individual executables have also been digitally signed) you can install the software.  You will note that each release has been named using the version/build information (see Figure 1).


The next screen displays the End User Licence Agreement.  Please read this carefully.  If you wish to review or print a copy of this agreement, it can be found in our knowledge base:


Figure 4

If you accept the agreement, please select the appropriate option and click Next.  The next screen (Figure 5) prompts you to select a location in which to install HstEx.  Please note this is a different location from where HstEx v1 - 2 was installed.