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titleNetAnalysis® v3.4
Date   : 2023-03-01 1817:27:45
File   : NetAnalysis-x86-EN-3.4.23060.4.exe
Size   : 135,689,448 (129.40 MB)
Build  : 3.4.23060.4                                       
MD5    : 6c789af6cedde52595387a822da92ec8
SHA1   : 7fbbf5bf255b513f8cf72883842ba9596713e8f5
SHA256 : 4ec5ed06016305897038ab60c722deb0cbbb7076cc5b02b4ff7346c4550a7121
SHA384 : 6600372fff9c19030587a615006afe3b1f4556cd914ed5c76c295fe6a6c5412b21c084c240b9412cb7474b1dc6690db4
SHA512 : bf50a14969d4abbf0ebb1107b5e3ed4b49e9fe01fe5d4da1fac60402c608229e2d62afb97007c9286b4ca0c23b3b898d148996af90100d97e9ddebbf22085507 



We are pleased to announce the release of NetAnalysis v3.4, which includes several new features and improvements to enhance your digital investigation capabilities. With over 90 new browser artefacts, this means that investigators can now uncover even more valuable evidence to help them solve their cases.