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We have added new support for the following browsers:


Image Modified
360 Browser v7360 Browser is a web browser developed by the Qihoo Company of Beijing, China.  It offers page layout using either the Trident engine, as used in Internet Explorer, or the WebKit engine that was adapted for Google Chrome.
Image Modified
Comodo Chromodo v36 - 43Comodo Chromodo is a Chromium technology-based browser that offers all of Chrome's features plus a claimed increase in speed, security and privacy.
Image Modified

Sleipnir (Windows) v3 - 6

Sleipnir (OS X) v3 - 4

Sleipnir is a freeware web browser developed by Fenrir Inc of Osaka, Japan.  The browser's main features are customisation and tab functions.  The Windows version supports different layout engines.  Sleipnir version 5 introduced proprietary text rendering which visually resembles Mac OS text rendering.
Image Modified
Titan Browser v1 - 33Titan Browser is a freeware Chromium based web browser and Internet suite developed by Titan Browser Corp.  It is a simple browser focused on security and privacy; protecting the user from installing unwanted add-ons, toolbars, or applications.  The default search engine uses the Titan search engine to provide secure and anonymous search results powered by search providers such as Bing and Yahoo.
Image Modified
Vivaldi v1Vivaldi is a freeware Chromium based web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by former Opera Software co-founder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.  The browser is aimed at power users and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera's transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features in the process.  Vivaldi aims to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12 and introduce new, more innovative ones.
Image Modified
Yandex v1 - 15Yandex Browser is a Chromium based web browser developed by the Russian web search corporation Yandex.  The browser checks web page security with the Yandex security system and checks downloaded files with Kaspersky anti-virus.  The browser also uses Opera Software's Turbo technology to speed web browsing on slow connections.  The browser's SmartBox uses Yandex Search as its default search engine.

New Artefacts


We have added support for the import of Favicon data as well as extraction of icons and associated Favicon images to the export folder for the following browsers:


To review the full list of changes for this release, please see: Change Log v2.2.

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