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The forensic examination and analysis of user activity on the Internet can be the pivotal point of any case.  With the increase in the use of computers by paedophiles and other criminals who commit crime on the Internet, it is vital for a forensic investigator to be able to extract browser data and analyse it quickly and present the evidence in an understandable format.

Our training courses are designed for both corporate and law enforcement forensic examiners who use NetAnalysis® and HstEx® for the recovery of web browser evidence.

Digital Detective Forensic Training

Our forensic training will equip you with the skills required to utilise our software effectively in your digital forensic examinations.  You will learn how to unlock the full power of our software through real life scenarios, case studies and hands-on practical exercises.  Our courses are taught by highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners with extensive experience in the field of digital forensics.

Current Training Courses

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    NetAnalysis Foundation Course — The NetAnalysis® Foundation Course is a 2 day, instructor-led, web browser forensics course designed to provide the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to utilise NetAnalysis® and HstEx® effectively within a forensic investigation.