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Digital Detective Forensic Training

Digital Detective Group are pleased to announce their all new digital forensic training program. Whether you are an experienced digital forensics examiner or just starting out in your career, Digital Detective Group training can help increase your skills.  Currently, Digital Detective Group are offering a two day training course in the use of their flagship software products, NetAnalysis® and HstEx®.  This course is designed to equip forensic practitioners with the skills and knowledge to fully leverage the power of these two industry leading products.

Future offerings will include:

The NetAnalysis Advanced Browser Forensics Course - a four day intensive training course covering all aspects of browser forensics.  This course will give in-depth explanations of exactly how the top five browsers function; how, why and where they store there data; and the best methods for extracting and presenting this data evidentially.

The Blade Date Recovery and Forensics Course - a short course covering data storage methodologies; data recovery strategies; Regular Expression searching; and the best way to leverage the data carving power of Blade.

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