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PDFCreator is a Source Forge project which is designed to allow the user to create PDF files from any Windows software.  Unfortunately, there is a bug with the installer which incorrectly installs and modifies some of the system files used by NetAnalysis.


This article relates to NetAnalysis v1 - 1.5x

Do not install PDFCreator with NetAnalysis.  PDFCreator is not supported and if installed will render our software inoperable. 

This is an issue with PDFCreator installing files it should not be.  The use of NetAnalysis and PDFCreator on the same system is not supported

When PDFCreator is installed with NetAnalysis, a number of potential problems and errors occur.  Until PDFCreator has resolved this issue, we do not recommend having PDFCreator installed on the same system as NetAnalysis.  To resolve any issues created by this software, please remove PDFCreator and run NetAnalysis setup.

Specific Errors caused by PDFCreator


If you have installed PDFCreator on your workstation and NetAnalysis has now stopped working, you will have to uninstall PDFCreator and then re-install NetAnalysis.

Technical support will not be provided to correct the issues caused by PDFCreator.