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There is a database file size limitation on versions of NetAnalysis using the Microsoft JET Red Database Engine.  File size: 2 gigabytes minus the space needed for system objects. 

Improvements in v1.53

As data is imported into version 1.53, NetAnalysis checks the size of the workspace file.  When it gets to approximately 1.8 GiB, NetAnalysis will prompt the user to save the workspace.  The data is then imported into a second workspace and will monitor the size of the workspace during import.  This is not an ideal situation as it means the data will be split across multiple workspaces.

Issue Importing Binary Safari PLIST files from HstEx

In NetAnalysis v1.52, a check was added to prevent too many HSTX files being added to the database and possibly exceeding the MAX_SIZE of 2GiB.  HSTX files are normally capped at 5 MiB so a limit of 75 files was added to prevent an overflow.  Unfortunately, the format of Safari binary plist files means that the files have to be extracted to individual HSTX files, which will usually be less than 5MiB in size.  There will usually be a large number of these recovered, but due to the small size of the files there is not the same requirement to restrict the number of files being imported in order to keep below the database size restriction.  In NetAnalysis v1.53, this import limitation was removed.  Version 1.53 now prompts to save the workspace when it gets to a point just below 2GiB.  Once the workspace has been saved, it will then import the rest of the data into a new second database.

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