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Static Licence Key Files

NetAnalysis can use a licence key file to activate the full functionality of the software.  The licence key file is normally sent to the end user by email and is contained within a zip archive.  The licence key file (netanalysis.lic) must be extracted from the zip archive and installed.  In previous version of NetAnalysis, the licence key file was copied to the installation folder so that it was in the same physical location as the NetAnalysis.exe executable file.  In version 1.5x and later, you must install the Licence Ley File using the Licence Key Management Utility as explained below:


Do not copy the licence key file to the installation   folder as was the procedure for v1.20 - 1.37.  The licence key file is no longer accessed from this location.  For information on installing a licence key file with NetAnalysis v1.20 - 1.37 and HstEx v1 - 2, see the following article: Installing a Licence Key File with v1.37

Licence Key Management Utility

In NetAnalysis v1.5x, you will use the Licence Key Management Utility to load the licence key.  The benefits of using this utility are:

  • It is much easier to install the licence key file;
  • You can make back-up copies of your licence key file;
  • You can review the status of your licence key and the licence summary information;
  • You can activate NetAnalysis and HstEx at the same time.

See Installing a Licence (*.lic) Key File in NetAnalysis v1.5x 

Licence Key File Location

Although NetAnalysis versions from v1.5x and HstEx from v3.x use the Licence Key management Utility to load the licence for convenience, you may still manually copy the licence if you wish.  The new licence locations are as follows.  HstEx also shares the licence in these locations.


Operating   System


Windows 2K, XP

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Digital Detective\NetAnalysis\Common

WindowsVista, 7

C:\ProgramData\Digital Detective\NetAnalysis\Common