Blade® v1.8
Date   : 2010-12-20 10:37:14
File   : Blade-v1.8-win32-1.8.10354.1.exe
Size   : 2,083,504 (1.99 MB)
Build  : 1.8.10354.1         
MD5    : 7e5f1a052f8a4453e4b48041fc5da7c4
SHA1   : af6d0de7358c346d4be41d9a45c2985c5aa6038b
SHA256 : 35a214e5200cab6e934c5233aa9b3cbe5c70d2494010205c5d5e283526bf34e9
SHA384 : d501155b874346a6733001536fb2e0a42159982e5625e1da249f435998284564ccca5136d0e7a02ac322c05805a8dafc
SHA512 : 9859596f3b732e69357c39be7ea0e1003fcef096bae358bc32f51dd618633ef7631a2acc1000bf3643cb2491e2c6897342236f679c9487f8ca01a82646dc1194 

Resolved Issues

  • B100015 Unable to run multiple instances of application
  • B100020 Cannot convert "" to type Boolean Error (on starting a recovery session)

New Features

  • Eight New Recovery Profiles added to the Global Recovery Profile Database
  • Link File Deconstruction – added ITEMIDLIST recovery
  • New Professional Recovery Module - INFO2 Record Extraction and Deconstruction
  • New Professional Recovery Module - Cryptographic Hashing MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, RIPEMD160
  • New Icons to differentiate between Global, Personal and Intelli-Carve™ Profiles
  • New 3GP/MPEG-4/ISO Base Media Format Intelli-Carve™ Profile
  • Category Menu allows auto selection of Recovery Profile Categories
  • Clear all selected Profiles (F5) from Category Menu
  • EnCase extraction block size can now be changed from the acquisition block size
  • Added a partial recovery option on cancel during the search phase
  • New field in Recovery Profile: Bytes to Start of File
  • New field in Recovery Profile: Length Marker Adjustment
  • New Secondary Landmark option for more accurate recovery
  • Supported file formats updated in the Open File Dialogue filter
  • Unique session folder created for each extraction session
  • Session ID is now in a human readable format
  • Added user option to automatically open Export Folder on completion
  • ZIP signature updated to recover older PK00 files
  • AVI signature updated with a Length Marker Adjustment value for more accurate length recovery
  • NEW FLV v1 profile for recovery of Flash Video
  • Update to the recovery engine for Outlook Express messages for better recovery of items from Deleted Items.dbx