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Blade® v1.17
Date     : 18th June 2021
Build    : 1.17.21169.57
Filename : Blade-x86-EN-1.17.21169.57.exe
Bytes    : 25867064
MD5      : 42-1F-51-99-E2-22-80-DA-AB-71-C7-6A-47-42-C5-70
SHA256   : 72-E5-91-7E-83-56-A5-93-C8-76-4F-C6-B1-4D-40-62-24-CD-16-0B-F6-64-AD-31-57-D8-B7-53-FC-85-64-CB


The following information details the changes made to Blade® v1.17.

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-341] MissingMemberException when processing Link Files
  • [BLA-343] MissingMemberException when processing Jump Lists