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Blade® v1.12
Date   : 2016-03-03 14:00:18
File   : Blade-x86-EN-1.12.16063.5.exe
Size   : 15,114,064 (14.41 MB)
Build  : 1.12.16063.5                                      
MD5    : 40bb4f83cef675f51f5075210bb0a8a7
SHA1   : 505963e3f07fbf9fa253e6bef3a54563adf4f0fb
SHA256 : 45143ffebc7533019ac5ab5c3f639977021a12a46e6bec2fec5396cb8376dbfb
SHA384 : bc02784c58c5823d502827b5bf2b96f369b0595210f1d2d52bda0685bed81b3e4212dc49f1b37574640e261b1bf2b9a5
SHA512 : 85bb0c0a21d9e0bed32a8a98c28925d69663eaa64a77a88be54cee5cfc0eee3960015b820aa6422333f8143d532e8789432fb4f749335daa2a9cd1d7b66ec974


This version has a number of new features including Intelli-Carve® recovery modules for files based on the OLE2 Compound and ZIP Archive file format. We have also added a tool for extracting data from the source data.

New Features

  •     [BLA-181] - Support for Windows 10 Jump Lists

  •     [BLA-182] - Support for Intelli-Carve® recovery of OLE2 compound documents

  •     [BLA-183] - Support for Intelli-Carve® recovery of Zip Archive files

  •     [BLA-186] - Support for extracting data from original source


  • [BLA-185] - Logging improved when set to 'Debug' mode; recovery logging improved

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-165] - GetMiniSectorChain - Index was out of range when recovering corrupt OLE2 compound files
  • [BLA-167] - Data categorisation issue when mixing private and global recovery profiles
  • [BLA-168] - Files per folder option does not persist when saved