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Blade® v1.12
Release Date: 8th March 2016
Build: 1.12.16063.5
File: Blade-x86-EN-1.12.16063.5.exe   Length: 14.4 MB
MD5:  40-bb-4f-83-ce-f6-75-f5-1f-50-75-21-0b-b0-a8-a7


This version has a number of new features including Intelli-Carve® recovery modules for files based on the OLE2 Compound and ZIP Archive file format. We have also added a tool for extracting data from the source data.

New Features

  •     [BLA-181] - Support for Windows 10 Jump Lists

  •     [BLA-182] - Support for Intelli-Carve® recovery of OLE2 compound documents

  •     [BLA-183] - Support for Intelli-Carve® recovery of Zip Archive files

  •     [BLA-186] - Support for extracting data from original source


  • [BLA-185] - Logging improved when set to 'Debug' mode; recovery logging improved

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-165] - GetMiniSectorChain - Index was out of range when recovering corrupt OLE2 compound files
  • [BLA-167] - Data categorisation issue when mixing private and global recovery profiles
  • [BLA-168] - Files per folder option does not persist when saved