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Blade® v1.10
Date   : 2015-01-15 10:14:07
File   : Blade-x86-EN-1.10.15015.2.exe
Size   : 12,337,072 (11.77 MB)
Build  : 1.10.15015.2                                      
MD5    : 3cfea7ea90e8ab1742156d1b0639833e
SHA1   : 9f897dc799615ca2a71025a7030a948b6ee60d0b
SHA256 : e49812e10dc4f53d1da48a05d60502ce593ecc0f9591050bf154a575f1c29f00
SHA384 : ced93714ea5c9aa8a1da2cf8afac94d7fa2026c4dc9f639e5f50c4ade11c9259a076f43abfc5b837e19c348811c98383
SHA512 : e118e49d4fcde37ffc040ff5f72def33b2dd951d7c1f4c631385c75bba56906dd44ead01598f9aa8de11b48148a996a76555313527f171fa761759e96df3911e


This new version has had a facelift and a number of major performance enhancements as well as a user interface facelift. We have also fixed a number of issues and added support for running on Windows 8. For a full summary of the changes, please see: Release Notes for Blade v.1.0

New Features

  • [BLA-80] - Default button added to Options Form
  • [BLA-108] - Support for Ex01 images
  • [BLA-109] - Support for Windows 8
  • [BLA-144] - Added new SQLite database recovery profile with Intelli-Carve® verification
  • [BLA-148] - Added new Jump List deconstructor recovery profile with Intelli-Carve® verification
  • [BLA-150] - Added parallel processing to increase performance


  • [BLA-86] - Improved handling of locked files
  • [BLA-91] - Added support for images with up to 5 digit numerical extensions
  • [BLA-96] - Improved handling for corrupt expert witness images
  • [BLA-143] - Upgraded recovery back end database for increased performance and capability
  • [BLA-145] - Added menu item to allow user to select "all categories"
  • [BLA-146] - Improved handling of Hiberfil.sys files
  • [BLA-147] - Increased evaluation recovery to 25 files of each type
  • [BLA-149] - Modified encoding for all log files to UTF-8
  • [BLA-151] - Prevent system sleep/hibernation when running
  • [BLA-152] - Updated ZIP recovery profile for increased recovery performance
  • [BLA-153] - Updates to JumpListDestList, LinkFileReader and ShellLink classes to output droid object GUIDs in correct format

Resolved Issues

  • [BLA-82] - Freeze when launched with dongle containing NetAnalysis/HstEx licences
  • [BLA-92] - Fixed issue reading SHA1 hash from X-Ways image
  • [BLA-97] - Fixed HTML formatting issue with AOL email output
  • [BLA-100] - USB dongle does not supported on Windows 8